At BZ Dependable, we’ve installed countless boiler systems in the Teaneck area. One question that we often get is what are steam boilers and how do they differ from hot water boilers? We thought that it would be helpful if we dedicated an entire blog post to steam boiler systems and what the special considerations are for their installations.

Steam Boilers vs. Hot Water Boilers

There can be a lot of confusion between steam boilers and hot water boilers because their names are so similar. Here is some disambiguation:

  • Steam boilers – Steam boilers actually turn water into steam and use it to heat your home.
  • Hot water boilers – Heat water to between 140° F and 170° F and use a pump to circulate it through your home to provide heat.

Steam Boiler Considerations

Because of their unique construction, steam boilers require some additional thoughts before installing one.

  • Cost – The difference in cost between steam boilers and hot water boilers is negligible. The only difference in cost will be with the fuel used to heat the water.
  • Efficiency – Some claim that hot water boilers are more efficient because they don’t rely on pressure to move the water. Hot water boilers use pumps to move the water which can potentially make them more productive. However, there are steam boilers available that offer a very high degree of efficiency. Consulting with a heating contractor is a great way to get the most information available.
  • Extra parts – With a hot water boiler, there are many extra parts that are required to operate the system. As we mentioned above, pumps are required for hot water boilers while they aren’t with steam boilers. Additionally, there are valves, an expansion tank and other parts that are needed for a hot water boiler. Steam boilers don’t require such parts and can sometimes present a more attractive purchase.
  • Heating requirements – The temperature that each system operates at varies greatly. Obviously, steam boilers must heat the water to its boiling point which means that it requires more energy to heat the water. This must be taken into account as well.

If you have any questions about steam boilers, their installation or their operation, give the experts at BZ Dependable a call today. We have years of experience offering comprehensive heating services in the Teaneck area. We can help you choose the right heating system for your home, install it for you and make sure that it runs well. Call us today!

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