When you have a boiler in your Teaneck home or office building you probably know that you should have it regularly inspected and maintained. Not only can this potentially extend the life of your boiler, it can also save you money by detecting small problems early before they develop into larger, more expensive problems.

But what actually happens during a boiler inspection? Below we’ve put together a short list of some of the main things that your heating technician will be checking during his visit. If you need boiler inspection, contact your local Teaneck heating company.

Clean and Patch Fireside and Refractory Surfaces

Your heating technician will clean out the actual heating element and make sure that it is operating properly. They will also look at the refractory surface to check for holes or cracks and then patch them. The refractory surface is made out of a heat-resistance material and is able to withstand high temperatures.

Inspect and Clean Gaskets

There are several gaskets that are very important to the safe operation of your boiler. Your heating technician will ensure that all of them are in good working order. In some models of commercial and residential boilers there is a gasket on the front and rear doors that seal them shut. There are also gaskets on the water cut-off valves that need to be inspected and, if necessary, replaced.

Check Air Passageways and Blower

Proper venting of exhaust fumes and proper intake of fresh air are critical to the functioning of your boiler. Your heating technician will ensure that the seals in your exhaust vent are in good working order and that the combustion air opening is unobstructed. They will also check your fan motor and perform maintenance on it if there are belts, fan blades or electrical components that appear broken or worn.

Check Pilot and Burner

Your heating technician will also check the pilot electrode and the burner to make sure that they are operating correctly. If the pilot needs adjusting or if the burner is out of position, your heating technician can fix those as well.

Check Area Around Boiler

Your heating technician will look for leaking water around the tank which could indicate a leaking water pipe or a corroded water tank. The heating technician will also make sure that there aren’t any flammable materials around the area of the boiler.

If you need boiler inspection for your home or commercial building in Teaneck, contact the heating experts at BZ Dependable today.

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