When the time comes to invest in a new heating system for your Teaneck home, you might also think about switching fuel sources for that system from oil to natural gas. While natural gas isn’t available in all areas, it’s often worth making the switch if you do have the option. And since you’re going to be going through a new system installation anyway, the additional modifications needed to set up your home to receive natural gas rather than oil will only add minimally to the overall cost. Even if you are not getting a new heating system, we offer complete oil boiler to gas boiler conversion services to help you make the switch.

Eliminate Delivery

If you have oil, you need to have it delivered on a regular basis. Depending on how much oil you use each heating season and how large of a storage tank you have, these deliveries can happen up to several times a year. In addition to the cost of oil, then, you are also paying for the delivery service, and you need to plan ahead to a certain extent to make sure you have all of the oil you need when the cold weather hits.

On the other hand, natural gas is delivered continuously through a pipeline, eliminating the need for delivery and any associated costs.

Cheaper Equipment

Another factor to consider is that gas boilers, furnaces, water heaters and other appliances are usually cheaper than their oil-powered counterparts – sometimes as much as half the price. Of course, the cost of all of these items goes up as their energy efficiency ratings go up.

Lower Operating Costs

The main reason that many people switch from oil to natural gas whenever it is available is that natural gas is so much cheaper in terms of ongoing energy costs. And as oil prices are only expected to increase for the foreseeable future, it’s hard to imagine that relationship changing any time soon.

So for affordable, convenient heating, natural gas really is your best option for a variety of reasons. If you are interested in a new heating system or in oil boiler to gas boiler conversion in Teaneck, give BZ Dependable Plumbing & Heating Inc. a call!

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