When plumbing emergencies occur, the Teaneck plumbing professionals at BZ Dependable can help you resolve any issues that have caused your plumbing emergency.  Before you call us, it is important to know a few minor things about your plumbing system, and what to do to prevent water damage or other damages to your plumbing system. Always make sure you know how to locate your main water shut off valve and how to shut off the main water line.

Find the main water shut off valve to your building.  When pipes break they can quickly leak many gallons of water into the interiors of our homes and offices in a matter of minutes, which can mean possible water damage.  Knowing where the water shut off valve is located and how to shut it off is key to preventing damage.

Know how to turn off the main water line.  The main water line is normally located near the street with access through an underground service hatch.  There should be a handle or valve that turns on and off, turning it completely off will stop water flow to the entire building.  Some are moved by hand, others by use of a wrench.

While there are shut off valves to specific plumbing sections located throughout a building, often it is best to ensure the entire plumbing system is shut down. Then call a professional plumber at BZ Dependable Plumbing to assess the cause of the plumbing problem and resolve the issue in a timely manner. Our Teaneck plumbers will also ensure that there are no additional plumbing leaks causing hidden damage. Call any time!

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