If you’re having trouble with your Tenafly plumbing system and the cause is not readily identifiable you probably have a problem within your pipes. There was a time when this would require a large amount of intrusive work to be resolved. Thanks to video pipe inspection technology, though, this is no longer the case. By examining the insides of your pipes before undertaking any repair attempts, plumbers can pinpoint the source of your problem. This eliminates any guesswork that there may have otherwise been in identifying your problem and ensures that only necessary work is done. There are a number of different ways to get a pipe inspection camera into your system, but they all rely on the same technological principles.

A camera is fed directly into an opening in your pipes. In large pipes, such as those in city distribution systems, a wheeled rover can be remotely controlled to get the camera where it needs to go. Chances are you won’t see this technology at home, but the idea is the same. A live-feed camera is usually attached to a flexible rod. The rod is sent into your pipe system and sends a live video back to a monitor. Your Tenafly plumber can control the camera to inspect the pipes for any blockages, compromises in integrity, faulty connections and so on. The video can often be saved for further study, but in most cases the problem will be identified then and there.

Armed with this information, your plumber now has all the information needed to continue with the repair or pipe replacement process. There’s no need to perform any physical work on the pipes themselves to assess the situation. Your plumber will not need to expose or open up any pipes except the ones containing the blockage or other trouble spots. With the help of plumbing professionals such as those at BZ Dependable, obstructed or damaged pipes are no longer the headache they once were to diagnose. By utilizing video inspection technology your pipes can be serviced faster, more precisely and efficiently than ever before. We think that’s a great benefit, and look forward to helping you with any plumbing needs.

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