Thanksgiving has come to Teaneck, NJ and with it comes increased food preparation as homeowners get ready to host friends and family for Turkey Day. We see a huge upswing in clogged kitchen drains this time of year, which isn’t surprising considering all of the cooking everyone is doing.

Most of those clogs could have been prevented, however, with just a little foresight on the homeowner’s part. When preparing meals this holiday season, watch out for the following foodstuffs, and toss them in the garbage instead of down the drain.

  • Bones. This can include chicken bones, pork bones, and beef bones, which the garbage disposal is unable to breakdown. They will get caught in the gears and cause a lot of damage, and if they somehow get through into the pipes, they will also certainly create a clog.
  • Fruit Seeds. Any fruit seed is a problem for the same reason bones are a problem: they gum up the works in your garbage disposal.
  • Fats, Oils, and Grease. FOG, as the pros call it, usually gets poured down the drain in liquid form, only to solidify — and cause an ugly clog — when it cools in the pipes. To dispose of it properly, pour it into a used tin can instead, then wait for it to cool and toss it into the trash.
  • Coffee Grounds. Coffee grounds can cause all kinds of problems in the garbage disposal, and they can swell when filled with water, making them a clog threat when they get into your pipes.
  • Rice and Pasta. This may surprise some people, but both of these foodstuffs will swell with water, and both can get tangled in your pipes and make for quite a nasty clog if you let them.

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