A water heater is a tough piece of equipment. It’s designed to withstand high heat levels and water volume, supplying heat to water throughout the day and night, so you know it was manufactured to be up to the job.

Of course, that doesn’t make a water heater infallible. In fact, a hot water heater needs more work than you may think, throughout the time you own your home, if you really want it to remain in the best possible condition. We cannot guarantee that your water heater won’t break if you follow these steps, but we can tell you that your water heater has a better chance of making it through its expected lifespan when you take the time to maintain it (or have a professional handle that work).


When you get professional water heater maintenance from plumbers and technicians, the main goal is to give a complete inspection. That means checking all of these parts and more.

  • Thermostat
  • Temperature and Pressure Valve
  • Potential Tank Corrosion
  • Drain and Relief Valves
  • The Anode Rod

Of course, if they see a problem, they will document it along with its severity. Afterwards, they can consult you about the issues so you can decide if you want to replace or repair any parts. Some adjustments can be made on the spot, such as temperature adjustments and tightening loose connections.

Now, let’s look at some of the potential issues a water heater maintenance session can prevent. We recommend scheduling maintenance once a year to really benefit the most.


Corrosion is the biggest threat to your water heater. When a water heater corrodes, there’s no reversing the damage, and it can only continue to spread. Your water heater has a glass lining to prevent corrosion, along with an anode rod meant to bring corrosive elements to itself before corrosion hits the tank.

The technician will check for corrosion and let you know if your water heater tank needs replacement. This helps you avoid a leak in your home! Otherwise, they may recommend replacing the anode rod, but this is an expensive solution when compared to a potential system replacement.


It happens rarely, but it has happened before. A water heater can potentially burst or explode if temperature and pressure levels in the tank exceed the norm. this is something a technician would discover during a water heater maintenance session as well.


Finally, a water heater maintenance session can help to lower your bills. Currently, your water heater’s temperature may be set too high, which means you’re wasting energy you don’t really need to use. Furthermore, a technician can prevent premature replacement, one of the highest bills you can have when it comes to water heaters. And, a technician can help you to lower water bills by reducing the chances of leaks and other issues.

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