A drain snake is one of the fundamental tools a plumber uses to clear up a clogged drain. For homeowners in Westwood, NJ, drain cleaning can mean anything from removing discarded food particles to mineral build-up along the pipes themselves. The snake works by pushing a its coiled spiral head into the clogged material. Ideally, the spiral will catch and hold the material, allowing the plumber to pull it out. In other situations, a drain snake can break the clogged material up into smaller pieces, allowing it to be rinsed safely out of the pipes. Some models can also scrape mineral build-ups and other detritus attached to the piping, similarly allowing it to be washed away.

Snakes are advantageous because they don’t depend on harsh chemicals to break up the clog, which means greater safety for the plumber and homeowner alike. Professional drain snakes often come with removable heads, allowing the plumber to select a particular head to handle a particular kind of job. Motorized drain snakes can operate with a lot more power and extend further into the drain than dilettante’s snake.

That’s one of the reasons why you should contact a professional when dealing with a clogged drain. The improved versatility of a mechanized snake, coupled with the plumber’s experience and know-how means that it can be deployed with the precise nature of the problem in mind. A plumber can also use the snake with a lot more precision and accuracy, ensuring that the pipes themselves aren’t damaged while removing the clog. We also can use other drain cleaning techniques, such as the BioSmart drain treatment system, to keep your drains clear.

If you’re experiencing a clogged drain and want the problem treated with efficiency and professionalism, then give BZ Dependable a call. We can take care of drain cleaning problems in Westwood and throughout the surrounding communities. Our equipment is top-notch and our service techs have years of experience in handling it. We can also set up an annual maintenance plan, helping you to keep your drains clean once the clog has been cleared out. Contact us today to set up an appointment.

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