Your kitchen and bathroom are rooms with the majority of your plumbing needs, whether for the preparation of food, cleaning of dishes, or hygiene, the plumbing in both of these areas is subject to wear and tear every day for years on end. One of the most common problems for homeowners in our service area is how to prevent their bathtub or shower drains from backing up. It’s an important question because everything that goes down your drain has to be handled by your piping. The better you take care of your plumbing the better it can take care of you. Call BZ Dependable today if you need a Westwood, NJ plumber.

Let’s look at a few things you can do to prevent your bath drain from backing up.

  • Use a hair stopper: One of the simplest things you can do is to purchase a hair stopper from your local hardware store. These small, inexpensive devices are actually quite effective when it comes to preventing hair from going down your drains, which is a major cause of clogs. When hair accumulates in clumps with other materials such as soap scum, then it can quickly back up your bathtub drain.  
  • Drain cleaning: If you’re concerned about the overall cleanliness and integrity of your drainpipe system, then you should consider a drain cleaning service. This is a great way to improve the longevity of your plumbing and to prevent clogs. Our expert plumbers use advanced techniques and equipment like video camera inspection and hydro jetting to ensure that the drain cleaning is thorough.
  • BioSmart drain treatment: If you want to get smart about your plumbing, then consider BioSmart drain treatment. BioSmart is a non-toxic liquid filled with enzymes and bacteria that find organic matter and begin breaking it down. Unlike the harsh chemicals sold in stores, BioSmart doesn’t damage the environment or your piping. And it continues to work, long after you’ve poured a small amount in your drains.

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