You may have heard before that chemical drain cleaners—the type you find sitting on the shelves of grocery stores in the “housewares” aisle—are not actually good for drains. This is true. In fact, you should never use these store-bought chemical drain cleaners anywhere in your home. They are highly toxic, leave dangerous fumes when used, and can cause damage to skin and eyes if used incautiously. On top of this danger to you and your family, these acidic chemicals are damaging to drainpipes and eat away at their interiors.

There are all alternatives, however, and one that we at BZ Dependable Plumbing & Heating, Inc. use in Bergenfield, NJ is the BioSmart drain treatment. There are some other methods that will work at clearing your drains and keeping them clean that won’t require you use even an ounce of acidic chemicals.

Drain cleaning alternatives that are safe and effective

  • BioSmart drain treatment: BioSmart by Drain Maid is a liquid treatment that cleans drains without chemicals. It is a natural cleaner that uses the action of bacteria to cut through organic clogs and buildup inside drainpipes, and helps to prevent the problems from coming back. BioSmart contains a natural solution of bacteria that consumes grease, oil, fat, and other organic problems without leaving any environmentally harmful residue behind. BioSmart is approved by the U.S. EPA and is one of the comprehensive drain cleaning methods that comes with our highest recommendation.
  • Motorized drain snakes: Drain snakes, also called drain augers, are simple but extremely effective devices for removing and breaking up drain clogs. A long coil of wires goes down the drain until it encounters the blockage. A motor then drills the coil down into the clog, much like the action of a corkscrew. A plumber can then break the clog apart or remove it, all without doing any damage to the drainpipe.
  • Hydro-jetting: This is one of the most powerful of all drain cleaning methods. Hydro-jetters blast out high-pressure streams of scalding water along the insides of drainpipes. This is sufficient to cut through the toughest clogs, but also to clear away debris from the interior walls of the pipes to provide a deep level of cleansing. Because there is risk of injury with high-pressure water, the job of hydro-jetting must remain in the hands of trained plumbers who can use the equipment properly.

We offer the BioSmart drain treatment in Bergenfield, NJ and other methods that will leave you with clean, healthy plumbing.

Whether you want to clear out a tough sink clog, or you want full cleaning to keep your drains working efficiently, call on BZ Dependable Plumbing & Heating, Inc.

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