Most people can admit that, at some point, they have had clogged or slow moving drains in their home for a period of time before really dealing with the problem. Some homeowners are content to settle for frequent quick fixes to the problem, rather than to schedule professional drain cleaning in Fort Lee, NJ with a qualified plumber. The team at BZ Dependable is here to tell you that that is simply one of the worst decisions that you can make, not only for your own convenience but for the condition of your plumbing system as well. Don’t put off professional drain cleaning any longer.

Having your drains professionally cleaned is a pretty simple process, which makes some homeowners’ hesitance to scheduling this service a little confusing. While over the counter chemical cleaners may seem very convenient, they very rarely resolve a drain clog completely. Before long, you will probably find that your drains are moving slowly again. That’s because the entire clog was probably not removed the last time, nor is it likely to be this time. It may seem like a better option to snake your drain out on your own, but without the skill and training that a professional plumber has, this will likely be just as ineffective.

A professional plumber will pinpoint the location of the clog in your drain. Using a drain snake or auger, the entirety of the clog can be removed. This makes the development of further clogs in the future far less likely. Plus, with the professional grade equipment available to licensed plumbers, the thoroughness of the job can be assessed. With tools such as video camera pipe inspection, a professional plumber can actually peer into your pipes and inspect them from the inside, ensuring that everything was cleared out successfully. We can also use BioSmart Drain Treatment to clear your pipes, which is a very effective alternative to harsh drain cleaners that can be safely handled by septic systems and sewage treatment plants. This system uses enzymes and bacteria to clear up grease and organic waste, and it can keep working for weeks after your initial treatment.

For more information about when to schedule professional drain cleaning in Fort Lee, NJ, give BZ Dependable a call. We’re glad to answer any questions you may have. When you work with us, you can rest assured that your pipes are protected from clogs, bursts, and other issues that can result from a lack of thorough drain cleaning service.

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