Sooner or later, every homeowner in Bergen County, NJ needs to deal with a clogged drain. And more often than not, clogs require the services of a professional plumber to properly sort the issue out. Besides the care and expertise that pros bring to such a task, they can also help the environment by using an innovative treatment known as BioSmart. It eliminates the toxic chemicals that you find in store-bought drain cleaners, which plumbers once used extensively to clear up clogged pipes. In their place, it uses enzymes and natural bacteria that safely consume grease, discarded food and similar biological components that form the vast majority of drain clogs.


The first and most obvious benefit is that it eliminates the danger posed by caustic chemicals. It won’t burn your skin or eyes, and a professional can apply it with safety and confidence every time. BioSmart drain treatment also requires a lot less volume to do the job. Usually just a capful is enough to handle the most stubborn clog, as opposed to chemical cleansers which usually require half a bottle or more before they begin to work. Finally, BioSmart does the job thoroughly and effectively, while leaving comparatively little waste behind to further strain our civic sewage treatment plants.


Besides the safety and efficiency, the BioSmart system is simply easier to use. When applied in conjunction with a larger plumbing maintenance program overseen by a trained professional, it can help keep your pipes clean and clog free for years, all without harming the environment or risking your family’s safety with harsh chemical cleansers.

The friendly professionals at BZ Dependable Plumbing and Heating offer BioSmart Drain Treatment as part of our services to our customers. To learn more about it, pick up the phone and give us a call today!

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