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The heating season is over, and if your old heating system is worn out, then it may be time to consider a replacement. And if the traditional forced-air system found in many Teaneck, NJ homes doesn’t quite suit your needs anymore, there’s an alternative you can consider: radiant floor heating, which offers a number of benefits over older models. Now is the perfect time to consider an installation, with the winter months away and all the time in the world to make your plans. Here’s a quick summation of what the system is all about. 


The system itself is fairly simple. Tubes filled with water or heating liquid and laid down beneath the floorboards in your home. They’re attached to a heater and a pump that circulates the liquid whenever your turn the system on. As the liquid circulates, it warms the room directly through the furniture and the soles of your feet, providing a comfortable atmosphere without relying upon forced air.


The benefits of radiant floor heating start with the month-to-month costs, which are usually much lower than a comparable forced air system. That’s because radiant heating is more efficient than forced-air, since the warm temperatures don’t have to warm the room up indirectly with the air. That also eliminates problems like cold spots and drafts, as well as preventing germs and contaminants from spreading through your home via the ducts.

Finally, radiant heating systems suffer from much less wear and tear, since the bulk of the system is under your floors and out of direct harm. That translates to fewer repair bills and a lower lifespan overall, provided you keep it properly maintained.

The pros at BZ Dependable can discuss your radiant flooring heating options with you, then install a new system with confidence and pride!

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