A clean drain after using Biosmart.

As you may know, using over-the-counter chemical drain cleaners is a big no-no for your plumbing system in Teaneck or the surrounding areas. These types of cleaners are very caustic, rarely resolve your drain’s clog as needed, and may actually do damage to your plumbing instead. But there is one OTC product you can buy to clean your drains without the help of Bergen County plumbers effectively and naturally: BioSmart drain cleaner.

What Is BioSmart Drain Treatment?

Sooner or later, every homeowner in Bergen County, NJ needs to deal with a clogged drain. And more often than not, clogs require the Teaneck drain cleaning services of a professional Bergen County plumber to properly sort the issue out. Besides the care and expertise that pros bring to such a task, they can also help the environment by using an innovative treatment known as BioSmart drain cleaner.

BioSmart drain cleaner is a 100% natural drain cleaner made from vegetative microbes; as such, “good” bacteria and enzymes are part of the treatment’s patented formulation, and is the only drain cleaner that is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. This all natural enzyme system is safe for your family, pets, and pipes.

Bacteria and enzymes in BioSmart Drain Treatment feed on organic waste like fats, oil and grease (FOG), food particles and soap scum, which are typically the top reasons for slow draining and clogs. BioSmart will even breakdown hair over time, but more importantly, it eats away at the build-up that holds hair in a clog, allowing it to wash out of your system. BioSmart comes in two forms: liquid and powder. The liquid form doesn’t require any mixing and is safe for septic use; the powder form of BioSmart has the same power as the liquid, but is good for those who don’t like to use liquid or those who have had a sewage spills.

Why Use BioSmart Drain Cleaner?

The most obvious reason to use BioSmart is to clean your drains both effectively and naturally. No one likes the idea of putting harsh chemicals into their plumbing system, and BioSmart allows you to clean your drains without this worry. It won’t burn your skin or eyes, and a professional can apply it with safety and confidence every time. Second, the effects of BioSmart last for weeks because of the organic material used: the bacteria and enzymes not only clean your pipes, they also coat them. This action allows the micro-organisms to eat away at sink waste before it can form a new layer of build-up.

BioSmart is safer for your drains as well, because there is no caustic action that can wear away at the inside of your pipes. Also, BioSmart is safer for you because there’s no danger of hurting your skin or eyes because of splashes of acidic chemicals, or any health problems due to breathing toxic fumes. Also, BioSmart is cost effective: the treatment is very inexpensive compared to a mechanical drain cleaning and it can help prevent future clogging.

Besides the safety and efficiency, the BioSmart system is simply easier to use. When applied in conjunction with a larger plumbing maintenance program overseen by a trained professional, it can help keep your pipes clean and clog free for years, all without harming the environment or risking your family’s safety with harsh chemical cleansers.

How to Use BioSmart

Here’s how much BioSmart you need to clear a clog: approximately half a capful. With commercial drain cleaners, it sometimes requires a full bottle to cut through even an average clog. Imagine a whole quart of acidic liquid sitting down in your pipes for half an hour!

Once you put BioSmart in your drains, it gets to work breaking down, and then ultimately clearing the clog in your pipes.

Then, BioSmart keeps working for you after the clog is gone. Low levels of the enzymes and bacteria remain in your pipes, preventing further organic build-up. You can use BioSmart as a preventive step—something you would never try with chemical drain cleaners. Just pour a half capful down the drain every month and you’ll have a weapon against future blockages.

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