Wastewater drainage is one of the two halves of the plumbing system in your house. The other is the pipes that bring fresh water from the municipal system into your home and to the various taps and appliances that use it. The drain lines in your house are just as important, since they keep your house clean and hygienic.

There are two situations where you may need new drain installation in New Milford, NJ. The first is for new appliances and fixtures in your home that require drainage, such as a dishwasher in an expanded kitchen or a new bathroom but in as part of your remodeling. The second is when a damaged or corroded drain needs replacement; this is more common for older homes with galvanized steel plumbing that suffers from corrosion.

Whatever the reason you need drain installation, only rely on plumbers with experience and training to take on the task. BZ Dependable Plumbing & Heating, Inc. is 100% committed to customer service, and we will arrive on time ready to do whatever work is necessary to keep your home plumbing at its best. Contact us today to set up an appointment.

What does drain installation involve?

First, it involves calling for professional plumbers; this is not a DIY adventure, since the lastthing you want with your drainage is to have it backup!

The drain installers will make plans to keep your plumbing up to code (because drains eventually empty into a municipal sewer line, the drainage in your house must meet local code requirements set by the utility company). The plumbers must determine flow rates based on variables like water pressure and the amount of water that will go down the drain. This will help them estimate the proper-sized line to use. If the plumbers are replacing an older line, they will check if perhaps a large line should be used.

The most difficult part of installation involves the excavation necessary to remove the old pipe (if this is a replacement job) and install the new one. The contractors will carefully plan for this stage so that your home will experience as little interruption to water flow as possible, and so that the installers can restore the flooring material with as little evidence as possible they were ever there.

Drain installation is an extensive project, and you must make certain that your home receives the best job possible so you will have effective wastewater removal and remain up to code.

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