Who To Call For Sump Pump Repair

With the spring rain rolling in or the storm season approaching, you need peace of mind that your home will stay dry and safe. Although it’s an often overlooked device, a sump pump in Paramus can address everything from flooding to melting snow and act as a first line of defense against basement flooding. But what happens when it malfunctions? Who do you contact for sump pump repair, and what do you do next?

The Pros and Cons of Sump Pump DIY Repair

Before you call one of our professional plumbers in Paramus, you may wonder if you can just do a quick DIY sump pump repair. The answer is maybe. It’s important to consider the pros and cons of any home maintenance project before tackling it.

A sump pump under repair.


  • Enjoy Cost-Savings: The most appealing part of a DIY repair is the money it could save you on labor and other costs.
  • Take Immediate Action: Taking a DIY approach also means you can take immediate action instead of calling and scheduling a plumber.
  • Enjoy the Learning Experience: Some homeowners want to learn as much as possible about how their equipment, systems, and devices work and enjoy cultivating a new skill.


  • Lack of Skilled Expertise: Without proper training, you may misdiagnose the problem and make your sump pump even worse.
  • Waste Valuable Money: Ever wondered, “How much does it cost to repair a sump pump?” Fortunately, it’s usually just a few hundred dollars, but it depends on your pump’s issue and condition. But if you accidentally make your sump pump worse with a DIY fix or fail to resolve the problem, you could face thousands of dollars in water damage to your basement the next time it rains.
  • Safety Concerns: Working with electricity and water can be a hazardous situation and requires special equipment, care, and industry knowledge.
  • Voiding Warranties: You could accidentally void your sump pump warranty if you attempt a repair on your own and without a qualified professional.

Which Sump Pump Issues Require a Professional?

When you’re dealing with sump pump issues, it’s crucial to take action right away to prevent costly water damage to your home. Although it’s usually okay to test your sump pump, clear away debris, and check your backup power supply on your own, there are some sump pump repairs that require a plumber or qualified professional.

1) Discharge Pipe Repair

When your discharge pipe malfunctions, it could lead to water backing up into your basement and undoing all the pump’s hard work. Signs of a damaged discharge pipe include leaks, clogs, or improper installation.

A licensed plumber in Paramus or sump pump specialist can inspect the discharge pipe for damage and perform any necessary repairs or replacements. Call BZ Dependable today, and our team will inspect your pump and ensure proper drainage away from your home’s foundation to minimize the risk of flooding. We can promptly address any broken pipes.

2) Sump Pump Float Switch Problems

Your sump pump’s float switch is responsible for activating the sump pump when water levels rise above a certain point. When the float switch fails to work properly, it may not activate when needed. The results? Your basement is suddenly vulnerable to flooding and water damage.

If you tested your sump pump and the float switch isn’t working, call us right away. We’ll check for unseen obstructions, damage, or broken parts that are impacting its ability to operate the way it should.

3) Sump Pump Basins

If your sump pump is the wrong size or is leaking, it can keep your pump from removing water efficiently. As a result, your basement could flood without warning.

Call one of our knowledgeable plumbers to assess the size and condition of your sump pump basin. We can also address any issues, such as a structural deficiency, that contribute to your problem.

4) An Aging Sump Pump

Is your sump pump more than 10 years old? Are you constantly trying to make a DIY sump pump? A decade-old sump pump requires replacement. If you’ve maintained it meticulously and don’t use it frequently, it might last for a few more years. But an old sump pump means your home is vulnerable to your sump pump suddenly failing and leaving you exposed during the next rainfall.

Schedule Sump Pump Service in Paramus

A sump pump is a must-have for your home, but it does need periodic maintenance and repair. When something goes wrong, we’re here to help. Call BZ Dependable today! We offer sump pump maintenance, repairs, installations, and replacements to help keep your home or business dry. Schedule your appointment today.

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