Here on the East Coast, you need a good heating system to keep your home warm during those cold winter days. If you’re looking at installing a new heating system, you have many options to choose from, and the best one depends on your particular circumstances. Even so, there are some definite advantages to going with boiler. Here’s why a boiler may be your best option for heating this winter.

  • Efficiency and convenience. Boilers use radiant heat to do their work, sending warm energy into your home through a system of pipes and radiators. There is little sound as it does its work and boilers don’t create any breeze: eliminating the problems of drafts and cold spots that often accompany forced-air furnaces.
  • Clean Air: Along those lines, because boilers don’t distribute heat though air ducts, they don’t circulate dust, bacteria or other types of allergens. That helps keep the air cleaner and reduces irritation to the nose and throat, as well as ensuring that the air inside your home doesn’t get too dry in the winter (which can cause additional health problems.)
  • Reliability. Boilers don’t have many moving parts, which means they rarely need repairs. That also grants them a very long lifespan, allowing you to rely on them for many years to come provided they are properly maintained.

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