Winters in Teaneck, NJ see their share of plumbing problems: everything from frozen pipes to clogged drains to full-bore pipe replacement. If you own a home, you might be very handy with do-it-yourself projects, and feel that you can tackle plumbing problems as well. Unless the issue can be solved with a simple plunger, that’s usually a big mistake. Professional plumbers bring a great deal to the equation that even the most adept laymen simply can’t.


Chances are, the average homeowner has only dealt with a given problem a handful of times at the most. That means you may waste a lot of time and effort ascertaining the best way to proceed. Professional plumbers, on the other hand, handle problems like yours on a weekly basis. That means they can handle it the right way swiftly and effectively, with no time wasted on trial and error.


Plumbers have access to equipment that most homeowner wouldn’t need more than a few times, and which therefore become prohibitively expensive for anyone who doesn’t fix pipes for a living. But that equipment – anything from a motorized snake with a rotating head to a seismic detector to spot leaks – usually addresses the specific nature of the issue and can solve the problem much more readily.


If you’re fixing your own plumbing and something goes wrong, you’re on the hook for any additional repairs, and may even incur injury. Licensed plumbers, on the other hand, are bonded and insured, which not only means that any unexpected damages are taken care of, but that you’re not liable for any injuries that occur during the process. Most plumbers will also provide a cost estimate up front, so you know how much the repairs are going to cost.

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