If your commercial heating system runs into trouble, you’ll certainly hear about it from the employees, clients, tenants, or customers in the building. A broken heater may make strange noises, reduce or stop heat from entering the building, or cause uneven heating throughout the building. In any case, you’re likely to get complaints, at which point it’s time to call a specialist.

You may think that you can contact any heating repair technician for your commercial heating needs. However, if you don’t call on specialists for installation, you may find yourself with an amateur repair job that simply does not do the trick. Here are some of the reasons you should only count on experts with experience in large commercial heating systems for your next repair need.

Commercial Heating Systems Are Not Like Residential Units

It may seem as though a heating technician is trained in all different types of heating systems. In reality, contractors that do not distribute or regularly work with commercial units may not be familiar with the powerful components of a large commercial unit. A commercial heating system may be packaged in a single cabinet with your air conditioning system and/or you may have a complicated zone control system or piping system, in the case of commercial boilers, wall of which don’t always resemble other types of systems. Installation differs greatly from the more straightforward installation and zoning needs of a residential unit.

If your technician is unfamiliar with these factors they may glaze over an important repair need. An inexperienced technician could incorrectly assume that one component of the heater is in jeopardy when there is actually an issue with several of the parts. Or they may not perform a full inspection of the unit to check for further damages that may have resulted from the initial repair need.

An inexperienced technician will also take longer to locate damaged components, so your building may be out of commission for a long time before repairs are completed.

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