Here in Westwood, NJ, boilers are a common way of heating your home. An existing radiator system can cost a great deal to replace, especially if the boiler continues to work as it should. Noise form your boiler, such as rumbling or banging sounds, can often indicate a problem in need of repair. The causes can vary, but if your boiler is rumbling, it pays to consult a Westwood, NJ boiler repair expert.

In some cases, that rumbling is merely a sign of “kettling,” caused by hard water in the boiler. The hard water can leave mineral deposits on the heat exchangers, and the mineral deposits can cause some of the water to be heated too much. This creates air bubbles which make noise when they collapse. Kettling is a sign of inefficient heating, so call a professional if you think this is the issue with your boiler.

A banging noise could be an issue with your expansion tank. The expansion tank is supposed to protect your boiler system from excessive pressure. If the expansion tank isn’t regulating the pressure effectively, you might hear a banging noise when the pressure release valve opens. Banging could also be a problem with air in the pipes.

Regardless of the cause, the situation is serious enough to merit a call to a professional. Most boiler system will shut off automatically when these problems get bad enough, but in the meantime, they will cost you wasted energy and higher monthly heating bills. In Westwood, NJ, boiler repairs can be handled by the experts at BZ Dependable Plumbing & Heating, Inc.. We can pinpoint the reasons your boiler is rumbling, and enact repairs right away. Give us a call to set up an appointment; you’ll be glad you did!

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