Unless a plumbing leak occurs in a large, visible pipe, such as the pipes under the sinks in a commercial kitchen, it is often difficult to detect… especially if the leak is a small one. But there is really no such thing as a “small” leak; any leaking in the plumbing of your business poses a serious problem. If you suspect you have leaks somewhere in your building, no matter their size, call for commercial leak detection in Dumont, NJ as soon as you can.

BZ Dependable Plumbing & Heating, Inc. specializes in leak detection for the extensive plumbing of commercial spaces.

We use the best equipment and technology available to find where you have leaking issues so we can take care of repairs with the least amount of disruption to building material possible. Make us your first call to take care of leaking.

The deception of the “small” leak

The most common type of leak that can occur in plumbing—residential or commercial—is called the “pinhole leak.” These leaks happen because of a phenomenon called pitting corrosion, which can strike copper pipes that are otherwise resistant to corrosion. The pitting weakens a section of pipe and creates tiny holes that allow small leaking to start.

But even a small amount of water escaping from your plumbing will add up to tremendous waste. Out of your sight, a single leak that allows two drips two escape per minute will waste 70 gallons of water over only a month—and that leak almost certainly isn’t the only one that’s affecting your plumbing. (Pitting corrosion has the tendency to spread.)

Now consider what happens as this water builds up, which it will do if it escapes notice for long enough. It only requires a small pool of water to begin to destroy building material such as drywall and create wood rot. Even concrete is in danger, since a slab leak will create pressure that can cause concrete to crack.

A standing pool of water from a small leak will also invite the growth of mildew, which will increase the destruction of building material (mildew eats right through drywall) and will also create unpleasant odors.

No leak is too small that it shouldn’t receive repair work immediately. If you notice an increase in your company’s water bills, higher levels of humidity, the appearance of mildew, or damp spots on walls, you should call for commercial leak detection in Dumont, NJ from our team at BZ Dependable Plumbing & Heating, Inc. immediately. Don’t ignore any leak: the smallest will still turn into a major problem unless you have plumbers with the right training fix it.

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