Whenever someone mentions a plumbing problem with a main plumbing line like a sewer or septic line, images of a ripped up lawn pretty instantly come to mind. This is because many times, the process of finding an issue with a main water line or sewer line involved unearthing the entire pipe. But when video pipe inspection is used, your plumber will be able to see the innards of your piping without digging up a single speck of dirt. Video pipe inspection in Dumont isn’t used just in cases of repair; it can also be used as a great maintenance tool. Why? A video pipe inspection allows your plumber to get a bird’s eye view of the inside of your pipes, so if there are any blockages, damage or corrosion, these problems will be spotted before they can cause big problems for your home. How does video pipe inspection work? Let’s take a look.


When a professional plumber uses video to inspect your pipes, it may not look like he has a camera at all; this is because thanks to fiber optics, the cameras are very small and are attached to cables that are very similar to the same kinds of cables used to snake drains. And in fact, this is what the plumber is going to do: snake the video camera through your pipes to get a full look at what’s going on. The cameras used for video pipe inspection are high resolution, so the picture that your plumber sees on the monitor is very clear and detailed. The images are viewed in real time and can also be saved, and many cameras also include radio transmitters that allow measuring between the camera’s location and the surface.


With video pipe inspection, your plumber can pinpoint the exact location of a problem within a pipe, eliminating guesswork and the need to rip up a floor or your yard in an effort to find a blockage or leak. This makes the entire process less invasive and cumbersome for both plumber and homeowner alike. It also makes repair and maintenance work more efficient and less time consuming, which can save you money.

If you have concerns about a block in your plumbing system, or simply want a thorough check of the system, call the experts at BZ Dependable Plumbing & Heating, Inc., today and schedule an appointment for video pipe inspection.

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