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Summer is here in Bergen County, NJ, and that means homeowners are rightfully focused on their air conditioning systems. But it also makes the perfect time to prepare for the coming winter by upgrading or replacing your existing heating system. Among the options to consider is a radiant heating system, which installs coils beneath your floorboards to warm the room directly through the floor instead of warming the air like many heating systems do. It takes a lot of time and effort to install but the results are invariably worth it. “Why should I install radiant floor heating?” you ask. The answers are very illuminating.


Radiant heating coils send heat up through the floorboard into your feet and other furnishings in the home. The coils can be warmed gradually by electrical power, or by circulating warm water through tubes depending on the kind of system you‘re interested in. This kind of slow, gradual heat is much more comfortable that forced air heating, which depends on air flow and can be subjected to unpleasant drafts and cold spots. Furthermore because the floor is the source of the heat, you won’t have to worry about cold floors when you wake up in the morning.


But the biggest benefit comes with the bottom line. Though they cost more to install than other systems, radiant floor heating systems use much less energy, and they don’t lose a lot of heating power by blowing so much of it through the air. That makes them considerably less expensive to operate, which will save you a great deal of money over time: easing your monthly budget crunch and helping to offset the cost of installation.

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