We get very accustomed to disposing of food waste down the drain, trusting the pipes and our garbage disposal to put them out of sight and out of mind. That can be a big mistake, especially when if comes to grease, fat and oil used in cooking. They’re usually hot when we pour them down the drain, and their liquidity fools us into thinking they’re no different than water. That can come back and bite you if you’re not careful, and while Bergen County, NJ, has plenty of qualified plumbers, it’s better if you don’t have to call them at all. Here’s a quick primer on why you should never pour fat or grease down the drain.


The trouble with hot cooking oils and fat is that, while they’re plenty hot in your frying pan, the cool of your pipe will instantly revert them to solid form. In that state, they can clog up your pipes with ease, especially if they become entangled with hair or other pieces of food. The same holds true with your garbage disposal, where solidifying grease can gum up the rotors and render the system unusable. Removing the grease or fat in those situations is quite a chore as well, and without a professional plumber handling the job, you’re apt to leave a significant chunk of the material behind.


Professional services can address the problem properly, but you’d be best off avoiding grease or fat in your pipes to begin with. You can usually collect the hot liquid in a metal container, like a used coffee can or the like, then throw it out when it solidifies: sparing you the heartache with only minimal effort.

For situations where you need a plumber to clear out your pipes, call on BZ Dependable to handle the problem right the first time, every time!

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