Repairs for the plumbing at your business isn’t something that you can wait to schedule. The moment you think you have a problem with your plumbing system, you need fast professional work done on it. A serious issue in the plumbing not only endangers the comfort and convenience of your employees and customers/clients, it also risks violating local health codes. Make sure you call a contractor for commercial plumbing repair in Bergen County, NJ who can take care of the necessary work fast and reliably.

BZ Dependable Plumbing & Heating, Inc. has a team of plumbers trained to tackle any commercial plumbing repair you need. They are also available for annual inspections and maintenance as well plumbing installation for your growing business.

Watch for these 3 signs you need plumbing repair

It’s important that you schedule plumbing repair early, before the trouble can seriously endanger your water supply and sewer system. Here are some indicators that will tell you when you should contact the professional plumbers.

  1. Drop in water pressure: If the water from faucets starts to come out weaker than before, then you are experiencing a loss in water pressure throughout the system. There are a number of reasons this might occur, but the most serious one is leaking. You could have a series of small leaks or one major leak somewhere. Leaks are often hard to find until they become major problems threatening parts of the building with flooding and damage to construction material, so at the first sign of a loss of water pressure you need to call for plumbers to perform leak detection and pinpoint where the leaks are occurring.
  2. Increased water bills: As a business owner, you will keep a close watch on monthly expenses. Do not let an unexpected spike in your water bills go without attention! This is one of the major red flags that you have faulty plumbing, such as leaking.
  3. Consistent clogging: If you have numerous sinks and toilets in your business, continual back-ups and clogs are a warning sign that you have a problem with the sewer line that runs to the municipal system. This is potentially a major health code violation, and can lead to sewage flooding into the lower parts of your building (often in important storage areas). Do not wait when consistent clogs become noticeable; you may need sewer line repairs right away.

Turn to commercial plumbing experts

You can’t depend on plumbers who are only familiar with residential plumbing for your commercial plumbing repair in Bergen County, NJ. You need plumbers who understand commercial systems and the various plumbing codes, and who can fix the problem with as much speed and accuracy as possible.

You can depend on the company that puts “dependable” in its name: BZ Dependable Plumbing & Heating, Inc. We strive for the best in customer service and satisfaction.

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