BioSmart Drain Treatment in Teaneck, NJ

Clogged drains are the number one reason we get called to people’s homes. Next time a drain backs up, you can call our drain and sewer experts, or you can get the “smart” drain cleaning solution.

More BZ Dependable Plumbing & Heating Inc. customers are demanding effective, environmentally friendly products for their home drain maintenance. Our blockage–busting Drain Maid Maintenance Program with Biosmart satisfies that demand. BioSmart clears drains without toxic chemicals that can harm your pipes and pollute the environment. It contains enzymes and bacteria that break up and digest clots of grease and organic waste that cling to the inside of drain pipes. The residue that’s flushed away is safely handled by septic systems and sewage treatment plants. For the best in drain products in the Teaneck, NJ area, call us today.

What’s So Smart About BioSmart?

image of a very dirty drainage system
Before BioSmart Treatment
image of a clean drainage system after biosmart drain cleaning in teaneck
30 Days After BioSmart Treatment
  • It’s non–toxic and easy to use. Just pour half a capful down the drain. The potent mix of enzymes and bacteria find its way to grease and organic matter buildups and immediately goes to work.
  • Traditional drain cleaners use caustic chemicals that can burn your skin and eyes, and your risk of being splashed is increased by the large volume of liquid you must pour down the sink. Even small clogs require half a bottle or more. That’s because chemical cleaning products must have time to completely surround and penetrate the clog to break it up, which is not always possible for clogs located in vertical sections of the drain. A half capful of Biosmart quickly spreads through the drain, attacking clogs wherever they occur.
  • In nature, bacteria feeds on organic waste, converting it to harmless residual material absorbed into the soil. Sewage treatment plants and businesses that manage large volumes of organic waste rely on the natural power of bacteria as an environmentally compatible, energy efficient way to handle the job. Enzymes improve this process by breaking down grease and other materials so they can be more easily digested by the bacteria. The Drain Maid Maintenance Program with BioSmart has adapted this biotechnology to create a safe, easy to use product for consumers.
  • Unlike chemical drain cleaners that are quickly diluted and flushed away, low levels of BioSmart’s mixture of enzymes and bacteria remain in your system for weeks, breaking up clogs of grease and waste as they begin to form. We recommend boosting your protection against clogs by adding a half capful of Biosmart each month. Biosmart’s bacteria are tough on grease and waste, but completely harmless to people and the environment.
  • BioSmart meets the Environmental Protection Agency’s challenge for products demonstrating a more positive human health and environmental profile.

Start Using BioSmart When …

  • A tub or shower drains slowly, leaving an unpleasant ring of soap scum, hair, and shampoo.
  • The kitchen sink seems to be backing up all the time, even after running the garbage disposal.
  • You start smelling foul odors from a sink that never seem to go away.

But why wait for a clogged sink, shower, or toilet to ruin your day? Call BZ Dependable Plumbing & Heating Inc. to find out why we recommend that all of our Teaneck customers start the Drain Maid Maintenance Program with Biosmart to prevent drains from backing up again. Interested in learning more about Biosmart Drain Treatment? Check out this blog!

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