Water Filtration in Teaneck, NJ

Do you know what is in the water that you drink and use for cooking and cleaning? In addition to chlorine, studies show that compounds from pharmaceuticals may be found in your water supply. Arsenic, barium, lead and other chemicals can also contaminate the water that you use in your home. Most of the water that your body uses comes from water absorbed while bathing. So even if you are filtering your drinking water, you could still be increasing your risk of cancer, asthma, and kidney damage by absorbing all of these dangerous chemicals.

Because of this fact, installing a water filtration system in your Teaneck home is a great way to improve the health and safety of your water. At BZ Dependable, our professional Teaneck plumbers are experts in water filtration and purification services in Teaneck and the surrounding areas. To schedule your water filtration services in your area or to learn more about the benefits of installation, give us a call today!

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At BZ Dependable the complete satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. That is why we aim to offer as expansive a selection of plumbing services as we can. We are proud to provide high–quality water filtration services throughout our service area to help you enjoy cleaner, purer water in your Teaneck, NJ area home. For more information about the water filtration systems we offer and how they can help you resolve water quality issues in your home, call our experts at BZ Dependable. Ask us about the benefits of installing a Krystal Klear water filtration system in your home.

What is the Krystal Klear System?

The Krystal Klear water filtration system is like no other water filter on the market. A Krystal Klear system requires no maintenance, is septic tank friendly, and does not negatively impact your water in any way during the filtration process. You can enjoy cleaner, purer water throughout your home with none of the side effects you get with other filtration systems.

The Krystal Klear system prevents biological contamination of your water, in addition to removing chlorine and heavy leads that affect the quality of your water as well as the taste and even safety. Krystal Klear has become the industry standard when it comes to the removal of chemicals and chlorines from a water supply, and it does not rely on another chemical or salt to do so.

There are no filter cartridges to replace, no magnetics are used, and no brine discharge to negatively impact the environment. When you schedule a Krystal Klear water filtration system installation with BZ Dependable you can improve the quality of the water in your home in a safe, effective and responsible manner.

Do I Need a Krystal Klear Electronic DeScaler in My Teaneck, NJ Home?

Have you noticed the buildup of a white material on your shower head or other plumbing fixtures? Does your water pressure seem to be decreasing throughout your home? Is your skin dry and itchy, your hair rough and your dishes covered with spots after washing? All of these instances are symptoms commonly associated with the presence of hard water in a home.

Hard water occurs when there is a buildup of dissolved minerals in your water source. These minerals, if too high in concentration, can cause a number of annoying problems, such as those above. The Krystal Klear Electronic Water DeScaler allows you to eliminate hard water at your plumbing fixtures.

The water supplied to your home will pass through the Krystal Klear water filtration system. Following this it is sent to the Electronic DeScaler. High frequency electronic pulses change the chemical state of these minerals, allowing substances such as calcium and magnesium that your body needs to be better absorbed, while at the same time eliminating scale buildup in your plumbing system. For more information about the operation and benefits of a Krystal Klear Electronic DeScaler in Teaneck, NJ, call the water filtration specialists at BZ Dependable.

Schedule Water Filtration Services in Teaneck, NJ

Don’t let hard water and overall poor water quality make your home a less comfortable place to live. Call the Teaneck water filtration experts at BZ Dependable Plumbing & Heating today to improve the water quality in your Teaneck, NJ home. Our water filtration options, including the Krystal Klear system, may be just what you need to enjoy better water in your home. Call today to request an estimate on a water filtration system for your home.

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