Drain and Sewer Repair in Bergen County, NJ

There are many systems in your home that ensure you remain comfortable, but one of the most important is your drain and sewer system. As your drain and sewer lines remove hundreds of gallons of waste water from your home every day, it can cause extensive damage is a problem occurs.

For this reason, we recommend regular maintenance as a way of minimizing the need for future repairs. If you are looking for drain and sewer repair and maintenance in Bergen County, call BZ Dependable Plumbing & Heating Inc. today for immediate, professional service.

Regular Drain and Sewer Maintenance Can Save You Money

Annual maintenance of your home’s drains and sewer line can greatly reduce the need for repairs in the future. Most drainage problems are slow to develop – they are the result of steady damage done to your pipes over time by chemicals that wear through pipe walls or natural corrosion due to high levels of certain minerals or waste products. In some cases, roots from a nearby tree can grow into your sewer line, causing damage. You may not notice the damage until sewage suddenly packs up onto your property.

We highly recommend having maintenance done on an annual basis to help keep your drainage system from developing any problems. During these annual visits we can perform a number of tests on your system using technology like video camera pipe inspection to look for specific problems. We will also clean your drains and check your sewer line for any signs of wear or possible leaks.

By performing these actions we minimize the risk of major problems due to simple clogs and we catch any minor problems before they become an inconvenience to your family. We will also perform a full flushing of the system to clear any debris that may have lodged in the pipes.

Bergen County, NJ Drain and Sewer Repair

We provide drain and sewer maintenance and repair services in Westwood, Teaneck, Bergen County and the surrounding areas. Our 24/7 service provides you with fast and reliable service in the case of an emergency. Call us today to schedule a maintenance inspection of your drain and sewer lines, as well as find out what you can do on a daily basis to maintain your drain and sewer lines.