Drain Cleaning Service in Teaneck, NJ

The drains in your home need to be kept clean at all times to avoid any potential problems. Clogged or dirty drains can put stress on your entire plumbing system, not only resulting in a loss of drainage and increased backups, but possibly leading to leaks or breaks in your drains or sewer line.

Call BZ Dependable Plumbing & Heating Inc. today to learn more about Teaneck drain cleaning you can rely on to keep your plumbing system operating properly. We will set up a time to visit your home and perform drain cleaning to help ensure that your entire plumbing system continues to work properly until our next visit.

The Importance of Regular Drain Cleaning in Teaneck, NJ

Your drains remove a large volume of waste and waste water from your home every day. A clog can occur in a number of ways. A clog at the fixture can often be fixed with a plunger, snake or by removing the trap and clearing out any debris. However, if the clog occurs further down the drain, which happens frequently in the case of things like grease, it is much harder to repair. You will need a professional for these clogs.

To avoid a clog deep in your drain pipes or worse yet, in your sewer line, we recommend you have your drains cleaned once every year or two by a licensed professional. This will ensure that all unwanted materials are removed and that your drains are clear.

Professional Drain Cleaning Methods

As mentioned above, the most common and effective methods of drain cleaning are mechanical – plungers and snakes work wonders for shallow clogs that can be reached. However, deeper clogs require more intensive removal procedures. We do not use chemicals, nor do we recommend them for use by our customers because they not only have a habit of causing damage to the pipes that far outweighs the benefit of immediate clearance of the clog, but they can push the clog deeper and make it harder to remove. If you are looking for a product to help with regular drain maintenance, we highly recommend BioSmart drain treatment. BioSmart is environmentally friendly and chemical free. It contains enzymes and bacteria that naturally break down organic waste. Combined with professional drain cleaning, using BioSmart regularly can help your drains stay clog free.

Call Us for Storm Drain Cleaning Services in Teaneck, NJ

Like the drains in your home, storm drains can also become clogged and ineffective at pushing water away from your home. If you’ve seen a buildup of water on your property, give us a call for storm drain cleaning services. Using a chemical–free process, we will remove debris from your storm drain ensuring that water can pass freely through, keeping your home safe from the ill effects of a storm.

We also offer high pressure jetting and video camera pipe inspection to identify exactly where the problem is and how best to fix the problem. Call BZ Dependable Plumbing & Heating Inc. today to schedule drain cleaning services in Teaneck, NJ and the surrounding Bergen County community.