Sewer smell in Bergenfield.

Plumbing issues in Bergenfield, NJ can stem from any number of sources, from tree roots clogging thesewer lines to leaky toilets spreading water across your bathroom. It can sometimes be difficult to spot trouble, however; unless water is actively flowing across your bathroom floor, the problem is likely taking place out of sight.

One sure sign of an issue with your plumbing is a distinct sewer smell in your house. It can originate from a number of sources, ranging from the minor to the significant. Since this is not the way that your house should smell, it likely means that there is a problem somewhere in your sewer, drainage or venting system. Also, gasses that generate that sewer smell can be made up of methane and hydrogen sulfide, both of which are quite dangerous and not the types of gasses you want your family to be breathing on a regular basis.

The worst case scenario is a break in your main sewer line, leaking waste into the ground beneath your yard. You can spot that both from the smell and from telltale signs in your yard, such as soggy ground or grass that seems greener in one particular spot for no reason. A professional plumber can spot the leak using video camera pipe inspection and other equipment, then undertake an excavation to reach the line and repair the break.

A less severe cause may be a a problem with the water trap for the outlet containing the smell. The trap exists specifically to keep that sewer smell from entering your house. If the trap stops working – drying out, for instance, or a pressure imbalance causes the water level to get too low– then the smell will enter your house. In some cases, you can correct the problem simply by running the water and replacing the water in the trap. If that doesn’t work, the trap may need to be replaced or your pipes repaired, in which case you should call a trained plumber.

Additionally, the smell may be the result of leaks in certain pipes and can be eliminated when those leaks are repaired. Or a low water level in your toilet could be the culprit. The constant presence of water in your toilet bowl is actually what keeps those sewer gasses from seeping up and into your house. So if the water level in the toilet bowl drops for some reason, the gasses can be allowed to escape into your house. This is especially likely if you have a toilet that does not get used often and where the water may have evaporated over time.

Another common reason that a sewer smell can develop in your house is that the vent pipe has become clogged. Since it is the job of this pipe to vent sewer gasses out of your home, it is not surprising that a blockage in this system could cause the odors to build up inside.

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