Have you ever had to make a sudden repair to your heating system in the middle of winter? If not, that’s great! But it doesn’t mean you won’t have to deal with it at some point in the future. And if you have experienced a sudden system breakdown in the past, then you know it’s something you want to avoid at all costs.

Today, we want to give you our number one piece of advice for avoiding a sudden heating repair. In addition, we’ll help you understand how to best maintain your heater in order to avoid problems for longer.


This is our number one piece of advice for anyone hoping to avoid a sudden heating system breakdown. Your heater may be spared from repairs for the rest of the season when you schedule heating maintenance early on (preferably in the fall).

What’s routine maintenance? Think about the service you schedule for your car on a regular basis. Changing the oil and rotating the tires helps to prevent your car from breaking down in the middle of the road. A heating system tune-up works in a similar way.

Technicians make adjustments to your system, like cleaning burners and adjusting pressure settings. They check for any potential problems that exist within your heater, so you can get these taken care of before temperatures drop too much. All of this helps a furnace or boiler to run more smoothly, with a much smaller chance of a sudden system breakdown.


Professional maintenance only happens once a year, but technicians recommend you change your air filter every 1-3 months. Neglecting to change the filter can result in big trouble for your heater. That means it’s not worth waiting until a technician checks your heating system before completing this maintenance task.

What makes it so important? An air filter is meant to block a lot of debris and particulate in the air, while still allowing air to pass through. When a filter is dirty, no air gets through to the system. That means that you don’t get the level of airflow you need for comfort. In addition, your heating system has to work extra hard to keep you warm, which means the furnace blower fan can become overworked or worse, the system can overheat. Don’t put yours at risk!


Have you ever returned home on a cold evening after a long day of work and headed straight for the thermostat? You deserve some relaxation and a great climate to achieve that in, so you press the arrows on the thermostat as high as they will go. We’re here to tell you that this is so bad for your heater!

When you turn the temperature up higher than you need, it doesn’t actually make the heater work faster. It only forces it to run for longer, heat the home more than you need, and use up energy. Worst of all, your heating system may work so hard that its lifespan is slowly reduced as the parts wear down far more than they should.

Take it easy on your thermostat! Program efficient but comfortable temperatures ahead of time with your programmable thermostat so that you’re always comfortable when you arrive home on a cold evening. Consider using a Wi-Fi thermostat to help your heater run even more efficiently, and monitor it while you are away from home.

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