Depending upon your situation, converting your oil boiler to a gas boiler in your Bergen County home can make sense.  One of the first things to consider is if you can even get natural gas in your area. You’ll need to find a gas supplier in your area and then actually get the gas into your home. If you don’t currently have a natural gas line, you will have to dig one and connect it to the main in the street. Sometimes new piping is required in your home to handle the gas.

From there, you’ll need to either convert your current oil boiler or, if it can’t be converted, replace it entirely. If you have a water heater that burns fuel oil then you’ll need to convert that to natural gas as well.

The good news is that many gas companies and the federal government offer incentives to switch to gas. Some companies will haul away your old oil or propane tanks for free, while others will actually give you a new furnace or boiler. The government may offer a tax credit for switching to natural gas as well depending upon which unit you get.

The benefits for you can be numerous. Natural gas can burn more efficiently than oil and much of it is produced in the United States. This means that the price of gas can be more stable than the price of oil and that you may be able to heat your home more efficiently.

The variables in this process are many and depending upon how they interact with you in your particular area can make the difference in whether switching to natural gas is a good choice for you.

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