We rely on our sewer systems to dispose of our wastewater rapidly and efficiently. While professional installation should put your plumbing on the right track for the years to come, routine maintenance is also critical to ensuring that any minor issues are dealt with before they erupt into larger, more costly repairs. Drain cleaning is part of that maintenance. Over time, your drains accumulate debris, such as hair, grease, food, organic waste, foreign objects, and even mineral deposits caused by hard water. In this post, we’d like to address a frequently asked question: “When is drain cleaning necessary?”

Drain cleaning cannot hurt your system, so in that sense, it’s always better to clean your drains than to neglect them. That said, it’s not necessary to clean them once a month. It all depends on their age, condition, what’s in your water supply, and the peculiarities of what goes down your drainpipes. While some of our clients like to clean them once a year as a preventive measure against any possible problems, others call for drain cleaning when it seems like there is an issue with the operation of their wastewater system. It depends on your needs and that of your home. Everyone is different.

However, there are some warning signs that suggest there may be something wrong with your drains:

  • Slow-moving drainage: Short of a total blockage and backflow problem, slow-moving drains are often indications that drain cleaning should be part of your routine plumbing maintenance. Over time, slow-moving drains can turn into partial, and then complete clogs. If you have any doubts about your drains, or think that they should be draining faster than they actually are, then schedule a drain inspection and cleaning.
  • Bad odors: If your drains smell, then that’s a sure sign that drain cleaning is necessary. Not only are those smells irritating to you, your family, and guests, but they also indicate a partial blockage that needs to be dislodged. Forget harsh chemicals—they can ruin your plumbing.

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