Are you frustrated by a spray of cold water as you try to enjoy your hot shower? Or by the amount of water that goes down the drain unused? Fixing leaky showerheads may seem like a minor issue, but it’s actually incredibly important to your plumbing system that any leaks are taken care of promptly. Neglecting them leads to higher utility bills, and increased risk of major damage. There are various reasons why your showerhead may be leaking, but if you’re thinking of attempting to fix the leak yourself, there are a few things you can do before calling a professional plumber. Call BZ Dependable today for comprehensive plumbing in Bergen County.

Try to remove your showerhead by hand. If it won’t budge, then you may need a wrench or pliers. Once it’s off, there may be some kind of gasket, washer, or O-ring where the showerhead screws into the supply pipe. This should be replaced if it looks damaged or worn. Put the showerhead back on gently, making sure it is firmly screwed on, but there’s no need to tighten it with anything other than your hand. Once re-attached, the problem should be solved..

If not, and there is still a constant leak, then there could be a problem with the shower water valve itself, which is supply water to the pipe despite what the faucet says. This is a job for a professional plumber, so if the initial DIY approach didn’t pan out, then you can rely on a plumber to diagnose the issue for you. While such leaks seem minor, they can adversely affect your plumbing system. They can lead to structural damage, higher utility bills, and increased wear and tear on your piping.

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