Sump pumps perform an essential function for those in Bergenfield who have water table issues, or water drainage issues around their building.  When you need that sump pump to work on rainy days, the last thing you want is to find out it is broken.  The best way to prevent this scenario from occurring is in having sump pump maintenance performed regularly by a highly-trained Bergenfield plumbing professional such as those at BZ Dependable.

When a sump pump works as it should, it keeps your basement nice and dry.  When a sump pump breaks down, it can not only cause water damage, but creates an environment where various bacteria and mold thrive, as well as possibly even affecting the stability of the foundation of a building.

During sump pump maintenance, all outlets and electrical wiring will be checked. We will also ensure that the backup battery is in proper working order, and that grates and inlets are free of debris and clogs. The vent hole in the discharge pipe will be cleared of debris, and outlet pipes will be inspected.

Because a sump pump doesn’t run all the time, it is important to keep track of how well it is working before you really need it, otherwise it will be too late once the water starts flowing.

Keeping your sump pump maintained and in working order will ease your mind, and the Bergenfield plumbers at BZ Dependable can easily assist you through professional sump pump maintenance which can be performed on an annual basis.  Contact BZ Dependable today!

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