If you ask all of your neighbors what the best possible fuel to use in your Teaneck, NJ home’s boiler is you will probably get a variety of responses. This is due to the simple fact there is no such thing as the “best” fuel for a boiler, only what the best fuel for your personal needs and heating habits is. There are a lot of factors that you must consider before you make any decisions about what type of fuel you will use to operate your boiler.

Different choices have different benefits, and your individual home and location will inform your decision. If you get stuck during the decision making process, simply call the home heating experts at BZ Dependable. Our professional team members will be glad to help you find the right fuel for you boiler.

Oil used to be one of the most common and popular fuel choices for home heating purposes. In recent years it has begun to slip in popularity, though. It must be delivered, and most of the oil used in this country is imported, which has led to increasing prices over the years. It is not the cleanest burning fuel, but it is extremely effective and fairly efficient.

Natural gas is probably the most popular boiler fuel choice at the moment. It is affordable and much of the natural gas we use is produced domestically. It is also piped directly into your home and is usually cheaper to purchase than electricity. Gas is one of the cleanest burning fuels available, making it popular among those with environmental impact concerns. The use of natural gas does, though, require some proximity to a gas line that can be tapped into.

If you have any further questions about which fuel is right for your boiler, contact BZ Dependable today. We are proud to help you make the right choice for your Teaneck, NJ home. Let us share our expertise with you. We also offer oil to gas conversion service.

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