Water heaters here in Dumont, NJ tend to do their jobs quietly and without fuss, which is why homeowners like them so much. Unfortunately, that can also lead to complacency, which is where a great deal of trouble starts for your water heater. It’s a very simple system, but it still needs timely maintenance and servicing, not only to help it run more efficiently, but to stop serious problems before they cause too much damage. When left unaddressed, such problems can often grow until you’re looking at a replacement service instead of a simple repair. Water heater servicing can address that the right way, ensuring that problems never catch you by surprise. And a trained plumber is usually your best option for a timely service call.

The exact method of water heater servicing depends on your exact unit, and we tailor our maintenance sessions to reflect your unique needs. Generally speaking, however, a servicing session will include the following:

  • The water shut-off valve, drain valve, and pressure release valve will be inspected for damage and tested to ensure that they’re operating correctly.
  • The water will be drained from the tank and flushed out to get rid of sediment in the bottom.
  • The heat source, either gas or electric, will be inspected for damage and tested.
  • The anode rod will be replaced if necessary. (Anode rods prevent rust in the tank and require replacing every 2-3 years).
  • The tank will be checked for breaches and leaks, as will the plumbing and gas lines.
  • The tank will be refilled and given time for the water in it to heat up again.
  • Faucets and fixtures will be checked to ensure that the hot water is getting to them the way it should.

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