This is honestly a pretty difficult question to answer, mainly because it almost entirely depends on the state of your home’s heating infrastructure when the installation begins. If you had a boiler as your previous heating system, then it’s safe to say that most of the required parts are already in place. If you didn’t have a boiler before installing the new one, then it could take up to several days to get everything acquired and installed. Let’s take a look at some of the parts that may increase installation time if you don’t have them.


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If you’re installing a boiler, then you are likely going to be using a radiant heating system for your home. Radiant heating systems rely on water pipes to distribute heat throughout the house. These pipes are usually installed in either the subfloor or the walls of each room. As you might imagine, this requires quite a bit of work unless you’re building a brand new house or remodeling an old one. The walls or floor will need to be torn up to allow the new water pipes to be installed. This can add as much as a week or two to the installation of your boiler system, depending on how many rooms you want heated.


Again, this may not be a problem if your new system uses the same fuel source as your old one. If not, though, modifications will have to be made. This is especially true with natural gas lines, which need to be connected from outside the house. Usually, installing an entirely new line should be done in less than a day. That depends on your circumstances, though.


Proper venting is vitally important for both the boiler’s safety and yours. Most heating systemsrequire venting, so you probably already have the proper flue or chimney. If you used something like a heat pump before, though, you may need to have a flue installed for your new boiler.

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