The weather’s still reasonably warm here in Englewood, NJ, but fall has officially arrived and winter won’t be too far behind. One of the biggest issues we deal with during the winter months is burst pipes, created when the water freezes and expands inside them until it ruptures the metal of the pipes. Preventing that starts now, when it’s still relatively warm and you have a chance to make additions or changes to help you out. Here’s a list of key steps you can take.


Identify any pipes that move through un-insulated portions of the house, or portions that you don’t normally heat. In particular, look for pipes that run through an outside wall, where frost and cold spells have a much greater chance of affecting them. A trained plumber can perform an inspection of your home and let you know which spots may need attending to.


Pipe openings into the main house don’t always have insulation nearby. Neither do electrical outlets. You can winterize them by filling the holes with acrylic latex caulk or the like. You can also add insulating sleeves to vulnerable pipes and insulating tape, both of which can be installed by a trained plumbing service.


A heating system is still your best friend when it comes to preventing frozen pipes. As the weather cools, monitor your indoor temperature and make sure it stays above 55 degrees in all parts of the house. Attend to any problems with your heating system promptly, and if you leave on vacation, make sure you leave the heater on. It may cost a bit in monthly bills, but that won’t be nearly as much as it would take to fix a burst pipe and clean up the damage when you return.

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