We’ve said it before and it bears repeating: always trust a professional plumber to handle trouble with your pipes instead of trying to resolve the problem yourself. The reasons for doing so are myriad, but they include access to high-end equipment that laymen simply can’t afford and wouldn’t need more than a few occasions in their lives. Technology has advanced in the plumbing field just as it has everywhere else, and here in Bergen County, NJ, we pride ourselves on taking advantage of it to help fix your plumbing problems the right way. Here’s a look at a few of the modern tools we use.


It used to be you couldn’t look at the inside of a pipe – where all the trouble usually lies – without removing it from the plumbing system first. But video technology has gotten to the point where we can fit movie cameras on our phones, which means you can slip one into your pipes on a cable connected to a tablet, and get an insider’s view of what exactly is wrong. The boon to plumbing has been enormous, allowing us to diagnose problems with unprecedented accuracy and enact repairs much more quickly and efficiently.


You may be familiar with store-bought snakes, which run down pipes in an effort to clear up any clogs. Plumbers often use mechanical snakes to provide more power to such an operation, but there’s more. Trained plumbers often use snakes with rotating heads, allowing them to fit the head to the specific type of clog you have. Not only can that unclog your pipes much more effectively, but it reduces the changes of damaging the pipes themselves, allowing you to continue using them without fears of a leak or a breach.

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