Englewood, NJ sees its share of plumbing problems every year, and spring seems to be when they arrive the most often. Homeowners are getting their first look at the wear and tear inflicted by winter, and when problems arise, they tend to do so at this time of year. Enterprising do-it-yourselfers may be tempted to conduct plumbing repairs themselves, but we usually recommend against it. Even the most benign problems benefit from the professional touch, and there are factors involved that make it more cost effective to let a licensed plumber take care of it. Here’s a few reasons why you should never attempt plumbing repairs yourself.


Plumbing equipment such as snakes or cleansers purchased over the counter is intended to fix a wide variety of problems, which means it rarely addresses any given problem completely. As a result, the same issue tends to crop up a lot sooner than it should, costing you more money to deal with. Plumbers use specialized equipment designed to treat specific problems the right way: equipment that an average homeowner wouldn’t use more than a handful of times at the most, but which professionals use on a regular basis.


A licensed plumber sees different issues on a weekly basis, and has likely dealt with a problem identical to yours numerous times in the past. That means they can quickly ascertain the solution and apply it with confidence, taking care of the problem in a fraction of the time and with a great deal of efficiency. Again, even the most enterprising do-it-yourselfer won’t encounter such an issue very often, leaving it to check-as-you-go repairs and YouTube video consultations that never do the job as well as it should. Not only will repair be less effective, but you could cause more damage to your plumbing in the worst cases.

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