Summer is here, which means that Bergen County, NJ residents are usually focused on their air conditioners. But winter will get here faster than you think and if you need work done on your heater, now is an ideal time. You can afford to take your heater offline for a few days, technicians have more flexibility in scheduling and you yourself can plan for any operation at a time that is convenient to you rather than having to rearrange your life to handle the issue before the next snowstorm. In particular, oil to gas conversion services can easily be performed in the summer, leaving your house ready to go with a new system well before the temperatures drop. Here’s a quick guideline to fill you in on the basics.


Old-fashioned oil furnaces were the go-to form of heating throughout the Northeast for many decades. But time and technology have caught up with them and now there are numerous safer, cleaner and cheaper options for homeowners to heat their houses with. And yet the cost and bother of removing the entire furnace to replace it with a new one with the same issues can be daunting. The solution is an oil to gas conversion, which retrofits your oil furnace on cleaner natural gas.


The biggest impediment to conversion is the up-front cost, which is why many people prefer to wait until the oil furnace is ready to be replaced. Natural gas equipment costs less than oil equipment, and if you’re looking at paying for a new furnace anyway, it actually ends up saving you money. That comes on top of lower heating bills and a cleaner-burning furnace, leaving very few downsides to consider.

If your oil furnace is ready to be replaced, and you think oil to gas conversion is the way to go, then now is the time to act. Call the experts at BZ Dependable today to get the process started!

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