Spring is a great time to update systems, and if you’ve been wanting to convert your oil-based heating system to a natural gas system, the experts at BZ Dependable Plumbing & Heating, Inc., are here to help. Oil to gas conversion is a process, and current codes require licensed experts to handle the job from beginning to end. Our trained experts have performed oil to gas conversions for multiple customers throughout Bergen County, NJ. Our trained staff handles all the paperwork and our expert perform the gas piping and connection of your new gas heater. Tired of oil? Call us today and schedule an appointment for oil to gas conversion.

The Benefits of Switching

There are a number of benefits to switching to gas that you may not have realized:

  • You can use the fuel for more than one appliance – once gas is piped into your home or business, you can use the fuel for other appliances, including dryers, hot water heaters and stoves.
  • Gas is the cleanest of all fossil fuels – gas is a cleaner fossil fuel to burn than oil, so it makes a smaller impact on the environment.
  • No need for managing fuel deliveries – the piping system allows the natural gas to flow directly into your home from the main natural gas line on your block; this eliminates the need to coordinate and manage fuel deliveries.
  • Can be less expensive – while natural gas and oil can fluctuate in pricing, natural gas tends to cost less than oil, which can save you money in annual fuel costs.
  • Space-saving – when you convert to natural gas, there’s no need to have a cumbersome oil tank in your basement or behind your home.

Take advantage of the spring weather and consider an oil to gas conversion for your home!

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