Have you started to notice that your heating system isn’t performing quite as it should be? It isn’t unusual for heating systems to develop problems mid-winter, especially if they haven’t been maintained in a while. However, it can sometimes be difficult to see that a problem may have developed because your system is still operational. To help you better determine if your system has a problem, here are some warning signs to be aware of should your heating system in Paramus need repair:

Low Volume of Heat

There can be a few reasons why your home isn’t getting the volume of warm air it should be. One of the most common is a dirty air filter. Dirty air filters can become so clogged that they restrict the air flow in your system, which can reduce the volume of air flowing through your system. Another common problem that can cause low air flow is the blower. The fan in your system is responsible for pushing the warm air through your ductwork and into your living spaces, and if something is wrong with yours, you may not get the amount of air you need.

Strange Sounds or Odors

There are normal operational sounds associated with any heating system, but sounds like bangs, screeches, loud clicking, etc., do not fall into the “normal” category. The same goes for odors: your heating system shouldn’t ever have an overpowering smell of any kind. If it does, it’s time to call for a specialist.

High Energy Bills

If you haven’t changed how you heat your home, but you are suddenly seeing some very large energy bills, it’s likely a problem has developed with your system. Why? Because a high energy bill indicates that your system is suddenly using much more energy to operate, and this is likely due to a problem in the system.

Repair issues do not disappear on their own, and typically become worse with time.

If you are seeing the signs that it may be time for heating repair for your Paramus home, call the experts at BZ Dependable Plumbing & Heating, Inc., today!

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