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Radiant floor heating has been around since the Roman Empire. While radiant floor heating is not as common as traditional forced air systems, it provides efficient and even heating through your Teaneck home.

Higher Efficiency

Radiant floor heaters have been proven to reduce energy consumption when compared to other heating systems. Because radiant floor systems heat all of the objects in a room, including people. This means that with a radiant floor system, most people will feel comfortable at lower temperatures. Additionally, radiant floor systems reduce energy loss through the ceiling. By heating the air at the floor, the air will give off most of its heat before it reaches the ceiling.

Quiet and Invisible Heating System

Without the need for ducts and registers, radiant floor heating systems are invisible to you and your guests. This opens up your home because you don’t have to plan your furniture placement based on where the registers are. A radiant floor system has no ducts or fans which means that they are almost silent.

Reduce Allergens

Forced-air systems have been credited with blowing dust and allergens throughout people’s homes. Duct work can get dirty or clogged. Dust, bacteria and mold can accumulate in ducts and that gets distributed throughout your home.  With radiant floor heating, none of that happens because the heat is coming up through your floor.

If you have any questions about radiant floor heating and if it’s a good option for your home in Teaneck, call the professionals at BZ Dependable Plumbing & Heating Inc. today.

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