Plumbing used to be a game of presumptions and detective work. When someone’s pipes encountered problems, the plumber had to go searching the system for the source of the problem. Educated guesswork played a large role and it could take a great deal of time to figure out exactly where the source of the trouble could be. How times have changed! As technology has advanced, plumbing has caught up, and what used to be a tremendous chore has now become a very simple process. We have video pipe inspection to thank for that: a technique could save you a great deal when the time comes to fix your plumbing.


Miniature cameras used to be the stuff of outlandish spy movies. But they’ve become a day-to-day reality for many of us; just ask anyone with a cellphone. That technology benefits the plumbing industry too. A skilled technician runs a miniature camera and light on a flexible cable down your pipe, going inch by inch until he or she spots the source of the problem. The technician can see everything the camera does via a tablet, and make an accurate diagnosis once the trouble spot is found.


The accuracy of the method is the big advantage of video pipe inspection. The technician can note the precise size of the leak, determine the precise composition of the material causing the clog, or otherwise gain a perfect idea of what the problem is. That allows him or her to select the right tools for the job and solve the problem properly instead of making educated guesses and performing one-size-fits-all repairs. The improved efficiency also takes less time and effort than it once did, since the video pipe inspection is often much faster than a catch-as-catch-can external inspection.

In Bergen County, NJ, video pipe inspection is just one of the methods that BZ Dependable Plumbing & Heating, Inc. uses to do the job quickly and efficiently. Call us today to get your plumbing problems fixed right!

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