We tend to rely a lot on our plumbing systems. So much, in fact, that we often don’t appreciate the materials and tools required to make them work at all. Like a carpenter, mason, or electrician, your plumber has his own set of tools to ensure that your water heaters, dishwashers, laundry machines, bathroom and kitchen plumbing are all properly installed. If you need a plumber in Bergen County, call BZ Dependable for exceptional and reliable services. In this post, we’d like to take a look at some of the tools that your plumber relies on.

  • Cutting: Whatever type of piping you have in your home, your plumbing system does not come in a prefabricated package for immediate installation. Your plumber relies on a wide variety of equipment and tools because of the range of tasks he is responsible for. From installation of plumbed appliances to whole home repiping installation, he needs to ensure that your piping is cut to exact size. Whether you need copper hard pipe installed or PEX, it will need to be properly cut by a series of tools specifically designed for clean cuts. Manual tube cutters as well as circular saws and reciprocal saws are available for on-site setup and operation.
  • Soldering: This is a process whereby two metal pieces are conjoined by melting solder (a “filler”) that will provide a watertight bond. It allows the two pieces to be connected without altering the pieces themselves, and it works because solder has a much lower melting point. Solder comes in wire rounds and is an alloy typically made of tin and lead, although lead-free solder is available. It is used widely in copper pie installations. The soldering tool varies according to preference and application, but often a simple propane torch is used.
  • Video camera: Video camera pipe inspection is one of the latest technological developments in the field of plumbing. It allows a first-person perspective of the inside of your plumbing that can lead to enhanced levels of detection and troubleshooting. Before this technology was available, there was simply no clean or non-invasive way to figure out what the status of your drainpipes and sewer line were.

We hope this gives you some idea of how specialized plumbing tasks can be. Call BZ Dependable when you need a plumber in Bergen County.

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