Here in Hillsdale, NJ, problems with your sewer line used to mean big trouble. The damage itself – whether a clog, a leak or general corrosion – wasn’t all that difficult to repair, but getting to the problem area could be a major hassle. You needed to dig down to it, which meant expensive construction equipment and longer man hours, then cover it up again when the repairs or replacement had been made. That became doubly problematic in the winter, when the ground was frozen, and even when it all went according to plan, you were left with a devastated yard that needed major work to look presentable again.

But that was in the past. Today, we use trenchless technology to repair sewer lines in a fraction of the time and with much less cost to you. Here’s a quick breakdown of how the process works so you understand what all is entailed.

  • The technician gets a look at the problem with a video camera run down the pipe, a seismic detector or similar piece of equipment.
  • The technician digs two small holes running down to the pipe on either side of the problem area. This is done in lieu of excavating the remainder of the pipe.
  • Repairs are done by running the pertinent equipment down one hole and up the other, using video cameras to ensure that it is secured in place. For example, an inflatable balloon can be slid into the pipe, blown up, and sealed against the sides to repair a leak in the pipe.
  • The repairs are tested to make sure they stick and the holes are covered again, leaving you with a fully functional pipe and only two small dirt patches in your yard. The remainder of the yard is left intact.

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