Once upon a time, all you needed to fix any plumbing problem in Teaneck, NJ was a set of wrenches and a little elbow grease. Times have changed, and while the principles of plumbing have stayed the same, the specifics have gotten a lot more complicated. The good news is that the tools have evolved to meet the changing needs of your plumbing system, and good plumbers keep up to date on the latest equipment at their disposal.

Among the most exciting is video camera inspection technology, which provides unprecedented access to information about the nature of a plumbing problem and can help your plumber adopt the correct solution instead of making educated guesses. Here’s how it all works.


If you’ve bought a cell phone anytime in the last few years, it likely has a video camera on it. Video camera can fit on your fingernail these days, and if they work for your cell phone, they can absolutely be slide down a plumbing pipe. When connected to a small light and run on a flexible cable down the pipe, it provides an uncanny degree of accuracy as to the nature of the problem. The plumber can examine it using a tablet on the other end of the line, and take a good hard look at the breach, the clog or whatever the issue happens to be.


Knowledge is power, as the saying goes, and by looking at the issue so accurately, the plumber can then devise the right solution. Video camera can determine the material making up the clog for example — letting the plumber choose a snake head or similar device that matches it — and by determining the extent of corrosion causing a leak, he or she can decided whether to patch a leaky pipe or replace it completely.

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