Ideally, the water in your plumbing system should have a pressure of about 80 psi (pounds for square inch). It can usually handle brief periods where the pressure is higher but high pressure in your pipes is something to be avoided. This is true any time of year in Bergen County, NJ, but with winter on its way, the issue matters even more now. The good news is that you can do something about it with a quick phone call to a qualified plumber, but why does high pressure in your pipes cause problems?


High pressure water increases the wear and tear on your system. Pressure against weak or corroded parts of your pipe heightens the chances of the pipe bursting, while fixture such as faucets and show heads need may need to be replaced. Beyond that, the extra water in the pipes means wasted water when you turn on the tap, and bills that are higher than they should be. In the winter, these risks go up, since frozen water under high pressure is very likely to burst your pipes and cause a huge amount of damage in the process. Worst of all, the situation may be created by problems in the local sewer system, meaning that it can happen for reasons beyond your control


The solution to high pressure is a pressure regulation valve, installed in your home by a qualified plumber. This valve carefully regulates the amount of water allowed into your home, keeping the water pressure steady and reducing the risk of repairs or replacements in your system. You may not be able to control the appearance of high pressure, but with a single call, you can make sure it doesn’t impact your household.

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